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Tila is a mobile/tablet game on iOS & Android developed for Viva Telecom (Kuwait). Viva Telecom is the 3rd Telecom Operator in Kuwait.

Launched on Kuwait national Day, the game purpose is to explore the Kuwait history while having fun.

Tila is a Top-Down 2D Arcade Game in a cartoony style where you control a set of balls in an turn based arena game full of obstacles and hazards where you must push enemy balls away of the game arena.

By Winning, you gain the opportunity to upgrade you deck with special capabilities balls.

Also, winning war is impossible without motivation boost, player has the ability to share his achievements in various social networks.

Character & Controls:

The player controls a young member of liberation forces struggling to free his/her country from occupation by playing ball battles.


Drag & Shoot with touch screen


By winning and gaining terrain the player will unlock new balls to upgrade his Deck.

Tila Kuwait : Cinematic

Download Tila for iOS & Android