Boomy screen shot desktop

Boomy Advergame : Isometric RPG on HTML5 by Lorem/Ezelia.

An Adventure, Point & Clic Game based on an imaginary story in a Moroccan Village.

Boomy, a bubble Gum Character, is also the hero that have to save children from an evil soul.

Boomy is a trademark of Michoc S.A : A candy producer based in Casablanca, Morocco.

Boomy Game : Some Characteristics

Engine : Ezelia isometric Engine

Dev : HTML5, JS, NodeJS

Graphics : 64 fps

Target : Moroccan Children from 7 to 14.

Languages : Arabic & French (depending on Browser user language)

Original idea, conception, development : Lorem Games Morocco.

Results : More than 6 Million events in the Game.


Other Creations for Boomy Adventures :

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TV Ad : 3D incrust.
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