Lorem Studio is a team of passionate young people, based in Casablanca, Experts in new technologies and new techniques for content production.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of Digital/Video Content in Morocco, using the latest technologies.

As a former blogger, Anas EL FILALI (Lorem, CEO) has launched the company to share his expertise about Digital content and digital strategies with customers and partners.

Because we believe, that for the first time in history, the new technologies are reachable and it can enhance the daily life for everyone, we worked harder to make our company, a powerful tool for development in our region.

Because we believe in Video as a cultural vector, while having fun, we launched Lorem, to take the challenge in Morocco and MENA region.

Splited on 3 Business units, each BU is acting as an isolated company.

Lorem Business Units

Our expertise in the Movie and 3D production.

    • 3D and 2D movie Production

      A Business unit that makes your world, your dream, in 3D.
    • Corporate and Advertisement film production

      Content is King. All is about content, and an image is more powerful than thousands of words.
    • Digital strategies BU

      We share our expertises with partners and customers. For every digital problem, we can bring a new kind of solutions.
      We have thousands of ideas, some of it has to become real.

Lorem : Managers

With more than 12 partners, our team is still growing every year with an Average age of 27.


    Anas gitex2 s
    Anas EL FILALI, is born in Casablanca. Happy dad of 2 children, he is still a child in the heart, a daily workaholic. With an MBA and Medical doctorate, he left his former passion (medical) for a bigger one, the web and digital.
    Former Blogger (known as Bigbrother.ma), he won multiple prizes (best blogger in 2010 in Morocco), he is also lecturer on Digital strategies, corporate strategies, and many other fields.
  • Yasser Lakbiri, Graphic Director, Manager (Pixel Sky)

    Yasser is the key master for making your dreams in a 3D film. He’s the managing director of Pixel Sky (3D Team)

Let’s make your next Video and 3D Production

And give life to your Commercial, Ad, Corporate Movie in international standards

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